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How it Works

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Zoospi is a web portal that allows you to take advantage of today's powerful internet mapping technology and put it to work for you when you have a job to do. Zoospi is a community of service providers who have posted their schedules on our site, along with their locations. This allows us to show you where you can find one at any given time. For example: You can search for a landscaper, or any other home service provider, who will be in your neighborhood next Tuesday, or look for the closest plumber if you have an emergency. Maybe you need a tow truck? Simply check to see which business has one close by, and get the job done faster!

We provide a tool for our service providers to enter Distance Discount™s so they can pass on their increased efficiency savings directly to you. When you search for a service provider, we show you how far each one is from you during the time you specify, what discounts they offer that you might be eligible for, and provide a tool to request a booking with that service provider. When you use Zoospi to make a request, the service provider is notified by email and text message and usually will get back to you within a short period. In fact, our service providers tell you how long a wait to expect.

Let us show you how Zoospi can help you get the job done quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

  1. Create an account. Account creation is free and allows us to calculate your distance from each service provider.
  2. Search for a service crew working in your vicinity in the next few weeks.
  3. Book the service crew that you prefer, and agree on a distance discount price with the service quote dispatcher.
  4. When the job is done, transmit payment and rate your service provider.

Some advantages of Zoospi over the Yellow Pages.

  1. Zoospi allows you to see which businesses are close by, and which ones are available when you need them!
  2. Zoospi's Distance Discount™ can result in big savings on your project.
  3. Zoospi's feedback system lets you see how others have rated the prospective service provider.

Zoospi is a community of hardworking professionals and we would like our customers to help us manage our business by following a few Courtesy Rules.

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