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Zoospi Courtesy - Service Providers

Courtesy Rules
Zoospi is a community of professionals and we follow a professional code called Courtesy Rules. We expect all members to follow these rules.

  1. Promptly respond to booking requests. You will be sent a text message when a customer finds you on the map and attempts to book you, whether the booking is for today or a month from now. Please respond to every message within your 'expected response time' time in your profile. If you do not call in a timely manner, you can not confirm the booking and you may lose the business.
  2. No malicious competition with another Zoospi Member is allowed: Do not place your service hub at a place and time solely to compete with another specific Zoospi member. You may cross paths with other Zoospi members only coincidentally as you go about your business. If another Zoospi member complains that your paths cross too often we will have to investigate your spatial patterns to determine if the claims are valid. This type of activity can result in terminatin of your membership.
  3. Consider all Zoospi members as colleagues. If you can not do the job let the customer move on. There are other Zoospi members that can do the job.
  4. Set your prices firmly and stick with them and don't low ball your rates just to win business. Consider that you define the market for the specialty that you represent and your services are valuable, even if your talent and skills enable you to do them effortlessly. Your time is valuable.
  5. Don't set your Distance Discount proximity range so wide that you can not meet the target time for your appointments. Your timeliness is a reflection on all Zoospi service providers.
  6. Don't set your locations/service hubs on the same calendar day so far apart that you can not make your appointments in either location. You can win bookings that way but if you will not be able to meet your appointment commitments, that will reflect poorly on other Zoospi members.
  7. Request all of your customers to grade you favorably on Zoospi. The Zoospi members with the highest customer ratings can win more business from the customers.
  8. Please use Zoospi bumper stickers on your service vehicles, and put Zoospi.com on your business cards and flyers, so you and other Zoospi member collectively benefit from the advertisement effort of all of the Zoospi members.
  9. Do not put so many service hubs on your calendar just for the sake of showing up more on the map. Your service hubs location should reflect your true availability for service. You will show up on the map for each bookings that you accept. Customers can book you and/or your crews once they see a booking near by their homes.
  10. Do not insert yourself on the map as Available Now! if you can not provide service on the same day. If you insert yourself as Available Now! on the map you should be able to at least give an estimate to the customer on the same day. Remember if everyone on the map shows themselves as Available Now! the folks who are truly Available Now! and need work can not get work.
  11. Do not create fake crews for the sake of showing your services hubs on the map in more than one place on the same time. Having fake crews is an illegal representation of your business.
  12. When using ZooM (Zoospi Mobile on WHERE (see http://www.where.com for details). Only use the tracking feature if you are in need of work immediately. Be sure to turn it off when you found work. Also turn the tracking feature off when you are driving on freeways or highways because on those roads you are moving way too fast to respond to any booking requests from anywhere on your route and you will take the booking opportunity from other fellow Zoospi members who may also need work.

Reasons for Termination of Membership:

  1. Lack of activity: From time to time we monitor your account, if we see no activity in accepted bookings we may terminate your membership. Inactive virtual hub clutter the maps and it is our responsibility to provide customers with real-time availability and active service providers.
  2. Not following Courtesy Rules: If you do not follow them, your membership will be terminated.
  3. Other reasons: Your membership can be terminated for any reason Zoospi management deems detrimental to the Zoospi community.