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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use Zoospi for accepting bookings? Can I go around Zoospi once I get a booking request?
You can, but keep in mind that once you accept a booking through Zoospi, you or your crew's truck will appear on the map and you can get more business.
Do I have to issue my invoices through Zoospi?
No, you do not have to issue invoices through Zoospi, but keep in mind that we judge active accounts by invoices submitted and/or paid. We have an obligation to our customers to make sure we have active mobile service providers so when they request a booking their calls are answered. We terminate inactive accounts so they don't appear on the map.
When should I expect to be paid by Zoospi?
You will get paid twice a month, on the 1st and 15th and the paycheck is for your earnings from the previous pay period.
When is the cutoff date for the invoice payment to appear in my check for that month?
Your paycheck will include all of the payments received up to the 25th of that month.
Will there be a statement of activity with the payment?
No, but your statement of activity for that pay period can be downloaded from the website.
How will I receive the check?
You will receive the check through a courier.
If a customer does not pay or disputes the work, is Zoospi going to resolve the matter?
No, Zoospi is only a tool, you are responsible for satisfying the customer's demands, making calls on the customer to pay and at worst case applying a mechanic's lien against the customer on their property if they do not pay.
Do I have to offer proximity discount?
No, but keep in mind that others will. The idea is you pass the saving of not having to travel long distances between jobs to your customers.
What are Zoospi's credit card payment processing costs?
Zoospi credit card processing fee is itemized on your statements and both are based on volume of transactions per pay period.

Zoospi credit card fees are based on processing volume per pay period:
$0-$1500 = 2.9%
$1500- $5000 = 2.5%
$5000 + = 2.2%
(For example if processing volume is $0-$1500 you can expect to be paying 2.9% in fees)
Will Zoospi be paying for text messages that are sent from Zoospi?
No, you are responsible for getting the best text messaging plan that your business requires from your cell phone service provider.
What do I do if my check is stolen?
Zoospi is not responsible for stolen checks. You are responsible for putting the correct Billing address in your profile and you are responsible for protecting your mail box. You need to report lost or stolen checks to our payment processing center so they can determine whether your check is cashed or not, if your payment is not cashed they will stop the check and provide you a replacement check for a fee of $95. Allow 8 weeks for a replacement check to be issues. If your check is cashed by the thief we will notify you and in that case we recommend you report the theft to Police.
Will Zoospi withhold taxes?
Zoospi is not responsible for your tax withholdings, you need to pay your taxes.
What if I am part of a crew working under a master craftsman license, will I get paid through Zoospi?
No, if you are crew working for a master craftsman, Zoospi pays the master craftsman who is then responsible for paying you.
Are we obligated to obey Zoospi courtesy rules?
Yes, Zoospi is a community of workers, we are courteous to one another. Consistent violation of courtesy rules will result in the termination of your account.
What are the grounds for termination of my account?
Zoospi can terminate your membership at any time for any reason. Examples of termination rules: Account inactivity, failure to obey courtesy rules and criminal activity. This includes the behavior of your crew if you fail to terminate them.
Will I receive a warning before my account is suspended?
Yes. When your account is inactive Zoospi will send you a warning email. In cases of the courtesy rule violations we may or may not send an email because we have to act quickly to eliminate menacing behavior.
What happens if my account is suspended?
You will not show up on the map.
What if someone puts out a crank booking request?
It is your responsibility to deal with it by not allowing that customer to do it again. You can block a specific customer from making requests to your business from one of the booking requests, click on the 'Block Future Requests' link. Zoospi is not responsible for crank bookings or test messages or the cost of text messages generated as a result of crank booking requests.