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Zoospi is a web portal that allows you to take advantage of today's powerful internet mapping technology and put it to work for your business. When you register your business with us, we give you tools to place yourself on our real time map, allowing customers to see where your business and crews are relative to their location. In addition, we provide a mechanism for you to entice potential customers with discounts based on how close they are to you or one of your crews when they request your service (Distance Discount™).

We have studied the way mobile service providers operate and have broken down the process of finding jobs into two common components: Where is the job, and When does it need to be done. Based on our findings we created this web based tool that allows you to market yourself based on your location in space AND time. We hope this allows you to minimize your travel time between jobs, increasing your efficiency. With our Distance Discount™ tool you can pass on the savings to your customers and thus encourage them to use your services when in close proximity to you and your crews.

Let us show you how Zoospi can increase your bottom line:

  1. Register your business on Zoospi, it's free.
  2. Enter a schedule of times and locations you will be available for business.
  3. Enter Distance Discounts™ to entice clients to request your service.
  4. When the job is done, use Zoospi to automatically generate an invoice for the client.

Zoospi also shows you on the map when you are at a job you have booked through Zoospi, or if you enter your current location through the site or the mobile portal. This allows you to run your business more efficiently, giving estimates, or delivering service to those closest to you at any time. Let us help you limit the amount of time you have to drive on traffic choked roads.

Throughout the Zoospi site you will find How it works icons to help explain how to make the best use of the tools we have created for you.

You will also find our Courtesy Guide icons, which provide guidance on being a responsible member of the Zoospi community of service providers.

Some advantages of Zoospi over Yellow Pages:

  1. You and your crews spend less time in traffic allowing you to pass your savings on to your customers.
  2. By use of the Zoospi map, your idle crews can show their availability to potential customers in their immediate service area.
  3. Zoospi offers you a systematic approach to finding bookings that are close to each other so you can maximize your revenue each day.
  4. Zoospi allows you to keep tabs on your assets and tell easily whether they are working or not.
  5. Zoospi highlights your idle assets for you and your customers for prompt same day service.
  6. Zoospi shows you where the customers are and delivers to you daily route directions.

How it works:

  1. Register with us.
  2. Define your service hub locations by going to the locations page and define your virtual hub locations
  3. Go to the calendar and put in your virtual hubs on the locations that you want to work on each day of the week. If you currently have plenty of bookings, try us by starting your calendar a week from now and see how our systematic approach can maximize your revenue by finding your bookings that are close to each other. This way you can gradually transfer all of your bookings and invoicing online.
  4. On the 1st and 15th of each month receive a check for all of the work you have done for the previous period minus Zoospi credit card fees, these are based on processing volume per pay period:
    Credit Card Fee Schedule
    Bi-Monthly Earnings Credit Card Fee
    $0-$1,500 2.9%
    $1,500- $5,000 2.5%
    $5,000 + 2.2%
    (For example if processing volume is $0-$1,500 you can expect to be paying 2.9% in fees)

Equipment Required:

  1. Computer or laptop:
  2. Cell phone with a Data Plan from any of the wireless service providers, 3G phones are a plus, Windows or Apple operating system work the best on our mobile portal. GPS enabled phones are also a plus.

Zoospi is a community of professionals and we follow a professional code called Courtesy Rules. We expect all members to follow these rules.

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